Club Development News

At last year's AGM we presented a Financial Plan which included 4 primary areas of focus for the club over the coming years, namely Membership, Capital Projects, Maintenance and New Development. Many of these areas of focus are intertwined, and attention to one area will have flow on benefits for other areas. We said last year that we would try to keep you up to date on club development activities, and we have set up an area on our website focussed on this aspect of the club. Today is the first live update, and we hope to have some type of briefing once a quarter.

Firstly membership. Our club manager Klaus has been on board since January and one of the most visible signs of Klaus's efforts with membership has been the new identity cards which have current member photos displayed on them. Behind these cards, Klaus has set up a comprehensive system for maintenance of our member records which has included digitising all our data, and ensuring security and privacy of member records.

Mark Rogers has devised a program of orientation days designed to give people who inquire about membership at the club a chance to try shooting before signing up. Mark is also planning a program to ensure that new members are looked after once they join in the first few months as they learn to shoot. This is an area we haven't always done well with, in the past.

Finally Bruce Ould has spent many hours developing a new member induction program to ensure that new members are safe on our ranges and can meet the requirements for obtaining a pistol firearm licence.

In the Maintenance sphere, Richard Lightfoot has continued to develop a comprehensive maintenance program for the club. This year he has arranged for car park levelling, tree felling, turning target maintenance and many other activities. One of our key activities this year has been to possum proof and clean the 25m range of possum detritus. The next major project in the maintenance arena will be to improve the lead collection on the 50m electronic range through installation of bullet traps.

To manage Capital Projects, the committee set up a Finance Sub-Committee which is responsible for oversight of all expenditure – both capital & maintenance. Gerry Butler has been instrumental in monitoring the capital expenditure budget as part of this sub-committee, and assists with management of projects through the approval process. Also on this committee are Kim Frazer (Chair), Paris Kechayas and Richard Lightfoot.

There were two major capital projects identified last year – grounds beautification and clubhouse development. For the grounds beautification, we are seeking quotes at present from contractors who will undertake maintenance of the grounds & improvement of the gardens surrounding the clubhouse. It is likely that as part of this improvement, we will revisit the proposal to implement water tanks.

The committee has felt for some time that the clubhouse is in need of a makeover. We have approached the clubhouse development in two stages. Stage one will involve redevelopment of the kitchen, bathrooms & old committee room to create a new area which will include a modern kitchen, cool-room, gun room, bar and new toilet/shower. A proposed design for this is available to view today. Whilst we are still in the early stages of planning and costing the proposal, and it may be that what we desire is beyond our budget, we would like members to be aware of what is in our thoughts. As this proposal may take considerable time to bring to fruition, in the short term we will be making some changes to the clubrooms to improve the comfort and amenity for members. The first part of these changes will be organising a dumpster to throw out all the junk that seems to have collected. Later some improvements to lighting, furniture, TV, removal of old target frames, creation of library, and other activities will ensue. Also as part of Richard's maintenance program, we are seeking quotes for the painting of the exterior. After the completion of Stage one, we plan to create an outdoor BBQ area in the quadrangle to make better use of the grounds that we have, instead of having the BBQ in its current location next to the driveway.

We anticipate that Stage one of the clubroom development will primarily be funded from existing cash reserves and our line of credit account with a small loan being taken at the end of the project to convert any debt to a more effective funding arrangement. The repayment of a loan can readily be serviced from club income.

The fourth major area of development was titled New Development. This was about new revenue for the club. Our hiring to 3rd parties, particularly security groups continues to be strong. To expand on the high demand in this area, we are considering the development of an indoor 25m range. Whilst it may be some time before resources, both people & funds are available, we wish to flag this project as a future development proposal.

The committee hope that you as the membership of the club will provide us with any thoughts that you have on the proposals I have outlined very briefly here today. I would now like to invite questions.