Clubroom Renovation & Development Update

Stage one of the design will entail closing off the eastern end of the clubroom (basically from the entrance door back to the rear wall), so that demolition & reconstruction can occur. The design proposed features the following:

• new toilets which will be on the north wall; new showers; disabled toilet

• a central corridor for access

• new gunroom & ammunition room

• new kitchen, cool room & dry store

• windows opening out to the south enabling servery during events.

We have investigated the possibility of installing gas to the clubrooms which would make cheaper running costs, however the cost associated with this (in the order of $23K just to get gas at the front gate, plus the cost then of running a line from the gate to the clubroom), made this option prohibitive at this time.

We have included in our plan the option to install water tanks for use with toilet flushing, however we plan to do this later as funding is available.

We are in the process of gaining council approval for the plans. This is required because of the changes to the external walls (installation of windows) however we don't envisage any issues with this.

We have met with five builders & have received estimates from three of these for the basic construction which excludes the kitchen fitout and carpentry work in the gunroom & ammunition room. The estimated price is $170-200K. We expect additional costs of up to $80-100K to cover the kitchen fitout, toilet fittings and carpentry, plus ancillary expenses such as portable toilet hire. The next step with the shortlisted builders is to obtain detailed quotes prior to deciding on a builder & signing a contract.

We anticipate construction will commence in early June & take approximately three months.

During construction, there will be some impact on member use of the clubroom. At this stage we expect this to be:

• Use of alternate door for entry to the rooms

• Operation of temporary canteen from old gun room (adjacent to 25m range)

• Reduction of food offering during the construction period

• Use of portable toilet facilities

The club will continue to operate as normally as possible within the above constraints. Other projects on our capital expenditure list will also continue to progress during this time.

Funding options were outlined by Paris who advised those present that the club currently has sufficient funds with its existing bank balance, plus its line of credit account to fully finance the project. At the end of the project we will negotiate with the bank to obtain a loan which we expect to be no more than $150,000 to refinance the debt from the line of credit account (which has a slightly higher interest rate) to a lower fixed or variable interest business loan. To put the size of this loan in context, in 1992 the club had a bank loan of over $100K, so in relative terms this is a very small debt for the club to take on.

The club has no need or plan to raise any member fees to finance the project beyond the standard CPI increases that have occurred from time to time to keep pace with inflation.

As mentioned at the start this is stage 1 of the clubroom renovation. It is clearly the most expensive part with the costs involved in replacing toilets, kitchen, and gunroom construction. Once complete we will begin planning the next stage of renovation to improve the remaining clubroom amenity.

Questions regarding the project may be directed to Kim Frazer via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.