Vale Tibor Gonczol [1933-2014]


A summary listing of Tibor’s involvement with the sport of shootingends this tribute.  He was a driving force behind the amalgamation of Melbourne Pistol Club and Springvale International Shooting Club resulting in our current name.  In the ensuing years when the club moved from the quarry at Albion (1976) Tibor drove the development of the club into a venue that matured into one suitable, with a little grateful assistance from the State of Victoria, that successfully held the 2006 Commonwealth Games. 

In the lead up year or so beforethe Commonwealth Games Tibor’s commitment was full time and then some.  He was part of the committee tasked to bring the club up to world standards and host the Commonwealth Games.His was an unpaid role to ensure as far as possible that the “Games” went ahead without issues of an organisational or technical nature being raised.  I spent the month of March on the range and can report that no issues of any substance were raised by competitors nor officials in the lead up practice days (5), followed by the lead up competitions (5 days), then the 10 days of the Commonwealth Games.  A magnificent feat.

To get to this point, Tibor’s long time world wide experience, technical knowledge and understandings of major world standard events, gave him a vision long ago, and it was his applied leadership abilities to lead the Clubs long term development plan effectively so that we were in a position superior to any other club in Melbourne to host the Commonwealth Games.  We did participate in the Host City bid and went through many visits by dignitaries of all sorts.  This I mention to reveal the long-term efforts to develop a word standard facility for the sport at large in Victoria.

Our Club successfully conductedthe 2006 Commonwealth Games pistol and rifle events.  14 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded to the winners at our club.  In recognition of his stature within the sport Tibor was asked and did present some of the winners with their gold medals as the events were decided.

His abilities and reputation is International as I believe he held three prestigious awards for his dedication to Shooting by the U.I.T., now known as International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF), for his Technical and Coaching expertise and achievements.  Tibor was awarded a ‘Master of Sport’ award by Hungary, which told me that his achievement had been very significant on an international level. 

The State shooting body, the Victorian Amateur Pistol Association granted Tibor Honorary Life membership long ago,as did Melbourne International Shooting Club Inc.

I have been with Tibor almost every Wednesday evening for the past 15 years and he made himself available to guide, mentor and coach shooters of any discipline.  Tibor was quite selfless in all of his time as a club member and I know he ranked as one of his most rewarding experiences the time he spent as Coach to Indian shooting teams.

Peter Kelly



Tibor Gonczol lifetime achievements in summary.

Competitive Experience

Prior to coming to Australia- Member of Hungarian International Team 1952 - 1955

Member of State Teams         - 1958 to 1974

Member of Australian Shooting Team at many events:

World Championships            – Cairo            - 1962

Olympic Team                        – Tokyo           - 1964

World Championships            – Wiesbaden   - 1966

Asian Championships             – Tokyo           - 1967

World Championships            – Phoenix        - 1970

Contribution to the sport and its development:

Coaching Qualifications:

A.C.C. Level High Performance Coach (Level 4)

U.I.T. International Coach (highest level)

Coaching Experience:

National Coach - Pistol Australia                                                        1973 - 1994

National Training Squad and National Team Coach                          1976 - 1987 

Director National Coaching Council                                                   1973 - 1994

International Shooting Union Training Academy (Consulting Member).

Coach of Indian National Team                                                          1993 - 1996

Coach / lecturer at Olympic Solidarity Coaching courses in Italy & Germany

including assisting setting up of the National Coaching Systems in New Zealand, P.N.G. India, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, W. Samoa.

Sport Administration Contribution:

Club Level

Club Captain               Melbourne Pistol Club                                     1960 – 1975

President                     Springvale International Shooting Club           1974 – 1977

President                     Melbourne International Shooting Club           1977 – 2006

State Level

Delegate - Australian Pistol Shooting Union Australia                                    1962 – 1981

Executive Member - Victorian Amateur Pistol Association                            1964 – 1980

Delegate – Victorian Olympic Council                                                            1975 – 1984

National Level

Australian Shooting Association – Delegate                                                   1962 – 1983

National Coaching Council – Member                                                            1968 – 1993

National Coach                                                                                               1968 – 1993

Director, National Coaching Council                                                              1974 – 1985

Chairman, A.S.A. Couching Council                                                              1978 – 1985

Chairman, A.S.A. Competition Committee                                                     1985 – 1997

Australian Coaching Council Accredited Level 3 Coach                                1981 – 1995

Australian Coaching Council High Performance Coach                                1995 – today

National Referee                                                                                             1974 – 2006

International Level

International Judge “A” (Pistol and Rifle)                                                        1972 – 2006

President Technical Committee – Oceania Shooting Federation                  1970 – 1997

Member of the International Shooting Union (U.I.T. - now the I.S.S.F.)          1972 - 1997

U.I.T. Delegate                                                                                                1972 – 1997

Coach Indian National Team                                                                          1993 - 1997

Coach New Zealand Team                                                                             1997

Australian Team Official

Manager                                  National Team Training Squad           APSUA  1976-1986

Shooting Manager                   Commonwealth Games                     NZ                    1974

Pistol Team Manager              World Championships                                    Thun                1974

Pistol Team Manager              World Championships                                    Korea              1978

Pistol Team Manager              World Championships                                    Korea              1979

Pistol Team Manager              World Championships                                    Dominica         1980

Pistol Team Manager              Benito Juarez Competition                 Mexico             1980

Pistol Team Manager              World Championships                                    Caracas          1982

Shooting Team Coach            Commonwealth Games                     Brisbane          1982

Pistol Team Man / Coach       Oceania Competition                          N.Z.                  1984

Pistol Team Man / Coach       Air Gun World Championships           Mexico             1985

Pistol Team Man / Coach       International Competitions                  USA                 1985

Pistol Team Coach                 European Shooting Week                   Europe                        1986

Pistol Team Coach                 Commonwealth Games                     Edinburgh        1986

Pistol Team Coach                 World Cup Matches                            Seoul               1987

Pistol Team Man / Coach       Air Gun World Championships           Hungary           1987

Pistol Team Coach                 Oceania Championships                    N.Z.                  1988

Shooting Team Coach            Olympic Games                                  Seoul               1988