Club Officials

We recognise the contribution of the many people who have held positions of management on the club's committee. In particular the holders of the positions of President and Secretary have been instrumental in developing the club and its facilities to where they are today.


  President   Secretary
1955-60 George Rogers 1955-58 Rita Rogers
1960-62 Bob Stagg 1958-60 Bob Stagg
1962-66 Rodney Johnson           1960-63 Scott Martin
1966-68 Scott Martin 1964-65 Marjory Martin
1968-69 Kevin McAllison 1965-70 Beryl Brennan
1969-70 Rod Lavers 1970-74 Stan Brennan
1970-71 Rodney Johnson 1975-77 Beryl Brennan
1971-74 Rod Lavers 1975-77 Noel Ryan
1974-75 Rodney Johnson 1977-85 Des Boseley
1975-77 Des Boseley 1985-08 Rodney Johnson        
1977-08 Tibor Gonczol 2008- Tony Elsmore
2008- Peter Kelly