What are the terms & conditions for registering on this site?

To register for access to the restricted areas of this site, you must be a financial member of the Melbourne International Shooting Club Inc. 

If you are not a financial member of the club, your application for registration will be rejected. 

By registering on the site, you agree that the registration information that you provide will be available to other financial members of Melbourne International Shooting Club Inc. for viewing on the Profiles page of the site.  

Members who choose not to renew their membership with the club will have their rights to access the restricted areas of the website revoked. 

Any inquiries regarding these terms and conditions should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do I get my Firearm licence?

After Committee approval has been given to your application to join the club, you will be required to attend the club induction course which is conducted on a Sunday from 10.00am to approx. 2.00pm and you will be notified of the dates. This course is designed to enable you to be safe on our ranges and will prepare you to sit and pass the firearm safety exam. This course includes instruction on:
-    Safe handling and efficient use of various firearms.
-    Range procedures including housekeeping.
-    Basic fundamentals of marksmanship.
-    Important provisions of the Firearms Act 1996 as amended.
-    Conduct & evaluate the examination that is set by the Victorian Police to enable you to apply for your firearm’s licence (a 100% pass mark is required).
Handgun shooters apply for a “Provisional General Handgun Licence Application” which allows you to use any registered handgun of the appropriate category – but not to buy one. The provisional period may be from 6 to 12 months during which time you are required to participate in not less than 5 approved handgun shooting matches & maintain membership of an approved club. Conversion to a Handgun Licence is managed by the police.
Handgun shooters must have their fingerprints recorded by the Victoria Police prior to submitting their licence application.
Juniors apply for a ‘Junior Licence’ although they are not allowed to own a firearm as they are required to be under supervision at all times when using firearms. 
Rifle shooters generally apply for a Category A & B Long-arm Licence to cover their use of target rifles.

How do I store my guns?

The law requires you to store the guns in a suitable safe. A club member will advise you on this when you are ready to buy your own guns & inspect your proposed storage facility.


How often do I need to shoot?

There is no minimum requirement for rifle shooters. Pistol shooters must compete in at least 10 events including 6 competitions & on 10 separate days for the first class of handgun. For each subsequent class of gun they own they must compete in an additional 4 competitions for each class.

Where do I buy my ammunition?

The club shop sells most items that you require for your day to day shooting. Guns must be purchased from a licensed gun dealer and a club member can advise you on this when you are ready to buy.