Benchrest Match Descripton


Image Benchrest is an increasingly popular rifle discipline shot over two distances, 20 metres and 50 metres and in two classes, Hunter and Unlimited, .22 calibre. 20 metre targets have twenty-one target diagrams, twenty to count, one shot on each diagram, and one for unlimited sighters. The 50 metre target has eleven diagrams, ten diagrams for two shots apiece and one diagram for unlimited sighters. 30 minutes is allowed for a course of fire.

Image Hunter class rifles are limited in weight, and scope power and may also have a magazine. The Unlimited class is unlimited both in weight and scope power, but is single shot. Present scopes in use are over 40X.

Front rests have a bag that must accommodate a rifle fore-end of no more than three inches in width, in either class. The rear bag is of no fixed dimensions but it and the front bag may be filled with any heavy granular material, other than lead shot.

Benchrest is shot at MISC on Wednesday evenings from 1930, with a monthly competition on the second Wednesday with  three scoring cards ex.600. There is a club championship shoot and a benchrest event at 50 metres as a part of the MISC Anniversary Combined Pistol & Rifle competition in May. There is also a TRV postal 50 metre Benchrest competition throughout Victoria which MISC contests.