Free Rifle and Sport Rifle Prone

Men and women shoot this match in separate competitions with .22 Calibre rifles
at targets 50 meters down-range. The shooters adopt a prone position lying on
their stomachs and aim at a target with a 10-ring which is 10.4mm in diameter –
about half the size of a five cent piece. This is the most stable & technically the
least difficult of the three rifle events, however the high scores required to
achieve success demand absolute perfection on every shot. Additionally, wind
can deflect the shot outside the 10-ring, so competitors must also take this into
consideration on each shot by monitoring flags set at 10 & 30 metres from the
firing point.
In National and International Championships, the first 8 shooters in the men’s
event advance to the 10 shot “final” where the time limit is 45 seconds for each
shot. There is no final for the women’s event. The world record for the men’s
event stands at a perfect score of 600 with several shooters having achieved this
result. For women the record is 597.

RIFLE: The same specifications as for the “3P” Match for men & women

AMMUNITION: The same as in the other .22 cal Rimfire Rifle events. To achieve
the very high scores necessary for success at international level, extreme
accuracy is required for this and other rifle matches. To enable this, ammunition
must be carefully selected to be compatible with the particular rifle used.

COURSE OF FIRE: The Prone match consists of 60 shots. Unlimited sighting
shots may be fired only before the beginning of the match, but both the sighting
and match shots must be completed within the total time limit.

TIME LIMIT: 1 hour 15 minutes
Final: 45 seconds per shot