25 Meter Rapid Fire Pistol

The international RAPID FIRE MATCH has been an Olympic event since the
first modern games in 1896. It is another "rimfire" event, shot with a .22 cal pistol
from 25 metres. Until recently it was fired using .22 short cartridges because
absolutely minimum recoil is demanded for quick but very accurate shooting in a
smooth, even cadence as the pistol and aim is moved from one target to the
next in the short time allowed for each series. From 2005, the rules were
changed and Long Rifle .22 ammunition must now be used. The maximum
score is 600 points and the standards of this match are still high despite the rule
changes with the World record set at 589 points from the possible 600.
Rapid Fire is a very interesting, spectacular and enjoyable match, but to shoot it
well it requires a LOT of practice with top international competitors firing 300
shots in a training session. The competitors are given 8, 6 and 4 seconds to fire
one shot on each of five neighbouring targets. Pistols must be held down at a 45
degree angle until the targets turn (or the green lights turn on when using
electronic target systems). The ten ring (“worth” 10 points) is 10 cm in diameter.

PISTOL: Similar to those used for the “Standard Pistol” match.

AMMUNITION: The same as in the other .22 cal Rimfire Pistol events.

COURSE OF FIRE & TIME LIMIT: The competition consists of 60 competition
shots, divided into two 30 shot courses, each of them consisting of two x 8 sec,
two x 6 sec and two x 4 second series of 5 shots. (Before each 30 shot course,
the competitors may fire one series of sighting shots.) At National and
International Championships, the first 6 shooters will go to the “final” competition
to determine the medal winners. The 20 shot final is shot at 4 seconds in 4
series of 5 shots.