National Champions

The club's members have enjoyed many successes at the National Championships. Our first National Championship winner was Neville Sayers who was also a multiple Olympian. Rifle shooting came into the club in 1994, and our first rifle champion was Kim Frazer, also an Olympian and multiple Commonwealth Games representative. Since the early years of the club in the 1950's we have had many multiple champions, some of whom have also gone on to represent Australia at Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Particular mention should be made of Susan McCready who has been dominant in the rifle events in the recent times. We recognise all our national champions' achievements in this honour roll which can also be found on display at the clubrooms.


 Pistol Champions
 Year Champion 
1958    Neville Sayers  Rapid Fire 499#     
1959 Rodney Johnson Free Pistol 518
1961 Tibor Gonczol Centre Fire 558
1962 Neville Sayers Centre Fire 574#
1962 Tibor Gonczol Rapid Fire 573#
1965 Tibor Gonczol Centre Fire 577
1967 Tibor Gonczol Centre Fire 577
1967 Tibor Gonczol Rapid Fire 578
1967 Ron Glew Free Pistol 534
1968 Tibor Gonczol Standard 555#
1970 Noel Ryan Centre Fire 583#
1972 Noel Ryan Standard 559#
1973 Tibor Gonczol Rapid Fire 583
1979 Geoff Horton Centre Fire 583
1979 Ron Glew Standard 565
1980 Noel Ryan Standard 591
1981 Noel Ryan Air Pistol 383
1985 Les Clark 50M Black Powder      362#
1992 Ian Butland 25M Black Powder 380#
1996 Andrew Miller Jnr Free Pistol 518#
2002 Daniel Repacholi    Sport Pistol 577
2002 Daniel Repacholi Centre Fire 571
2002  Daniel Repacholi Standard 550
2002 Daniel Repacholi Free Pistol 530
2004 Daniel Repacholi Air Pistol 580

# denotes record score


 Rifle Champions
Year  Champion 
1997  Kim Frazer  50m Prone  592   
1998  Kim Frazer  50m Ladies Prone   589   
1998  Robert Wieland  10m Air   575#   
1998  Andrew Bingham  10m Running Target  564  
1998 Susan McCready 50m 3x20 Sport Rifle 575# Open, Ladies, Junior
1999 Susan McCready 50m 3x20 Sport Rifle 564 Open, Ladies, Junior
1999  Carolyn Quigley  10m Ladies Air  392   
1999  Kim Frazer  50m Ladies Prone  588   
1999  Andrew Bingham  10m Running Target  555   
2000 Susan McCready 10m Air 589 Open, Junior
2000 Susan McCready 10m Ladies Air 394  
2000 Kim Frazer 50m Ladies Prone 584  
2000 Susan McCready Position Champion 2307  
2001 Susan McCready 10m Air 587 Open, Junior
2001 Susan McCready 10m Ladies Air 392  
2001 Susan McCready 50m 3x20 Sport Rifle 569  
2001 Susan McCready 50m 3x40 Free Rifle 1145  
2001 Susan McCready Position Champion  2301  
2002 Susan McCready 50m 3x20 Sport Rifle 571 Open, Ladies
2002 Susan McCready 10m Air 588  
2002 Susan McCready 10m Ladies Air 392  
2002 Kim Frazer 50m Ladies Prone 588  
2003 Susan McCready 10m Ladies Air 393  
2004 Susan McCready 10m Ladies Air 393  
2004 Susan McCready 10m Air 590  
2004 Susan McCready 3x20 Sport Rifle 563  


Foundation Members

Organised Pistol Shooting started in Victoria with the formation of the VSSA Pistol Club by George & Rita Rogers on 23rd May 1955 and led to the formation of the Victorian Amateur Pistol Association (VAPA) by the Club Executive.

Participation in the 1956 Olympic Games, in Melbourne, was seen by the founders as a step to overcoming the existing restrictive legislation and establishing the sport on a permanent basis.

The Club name was changed to Melbourne Pistol Club in 1958, and then to Melbourne International Shooting Club in 1977. 

The foundation members of the Club, and of Victorian Pistol Shooting were:

George J Rogers Foundation President
Rita R Rogers Foundation Secretary
Walter M Albert W Roy Batrouney
Colin J Baxter Vernon J Bennet
Johannes Blom Melville H V Blundell
Richard B Butters Peter Carr
Clonard J Clark John E Davies
Robert A Donaldson Ronald G Evans
Hugh T Fry Jack Herring
Norman F Jackson Clarence J Kellett
Richard C Kellett Walter J Lillye
F John V Maitland Walter Maynard
S Owen Morris Kevin O'Neil
Jeffrey R Palmer Ivan Quirk
H Douglas Rogers Harry Scott
Jack H Smith Maxwell B Tilley
John Windle  

Club Officials

We recognise the contribution of the many people who have held positions of management on the club's committee. In particular the holders of the positions of President and Secretary have been instrumental in developing the club and its facilities to where they are today.


  President   Secretary
1955-60 George Rogers 1955-58 Rita Rogers
1960-62 Bob Stagg 1958-60 Bob Stagg
1962-66 Rodney Johnson           1960-63 Scott Martin
1966-68 Scott Martin 1964-65 Marjory Martin
1968-69 Kevin McAllison 1965-70 Beryl Brennan
1969-70 Rod Lavers 1970-74 Stan Brennan
1970-71 Rodney Johnson 1975-77 Beryl Brennan
1971-74 Rod Lavers 1975-77 Noel Ryan
1974-75 Rodney Johnson 1977-85 Des Boseley
1975-77 Des Boseley 1985-08 Rodney Johnson        
1977-08 Tibor Gonczol 2008- Tony Elsmore
2008- Peter Kelly    


Life Members

Life membership of the club has been awarded to those members who have met one or more of the following criteria:

Contributed over an extended period to the development of Melbourne International Shooting Club and/or the sport of shooting within the club;

Served as an ambassador for the sport of shooting and raised the awareness and acceptance of shooting within the community, media or government bodies;

Contributed through their work or activity to the operation and management of the sport at a state or national level over an extensive period of time;

The following individuals have been awarded life membership of the club:


 Des D Boseley
 Lesley M Boseley
 Kim Frazer
 Vale Valentine G Gardner
 Fiona M Gonczol
 Vale Tibor Gonczol
 Leonard R Haywood
 Vale Rodney Johnson (OAM)
 Peter R Kelly
 Reginald G McCready
 Valerie M McCready
 Vale George Rogers
 Rita R Rogers
 Neville Sayers
 Vale Phillip J P Schofield
 Ada M Scott
 Robert L Scott
 Vale Alex S Slifka (Snr)
 Robert W Stagg
 Marven R Syer

 Clive M Woods



Our Sport

Target shooting is:

  • A sport where everybody has the same chance of success and nobody starts with a handicap. You succeed in direct proportion to the amount of practice you are prepared to do.
  • A sport where you can succeed and have fun even if you do not start at a young age. You do not have to give up shooting as you get older like many other sports. You can keep going for as long as you enjoy it.
  • All members of a family over the age of 12 can become actively involved in the sport.
  • Men, ladies, and juniors (under 21 years of age) are winning medals at various World Championships, Regional, National, Olympic and Commonwealth Games.
  • It is a sport that teaches self-discipline where as a competitor you learn to make sound decisions quickly under pressure.
  • A sport in which both able-bodied and disabled athletes can compete.
  • One of the safest sports with one of the lowest accident rates of all sports
  • It is a sport conducted throughout the year and is largely independent of the weather conditions. 


The club calendar of events lists different matches on various days/nights of the week in which you may participate. Each match has its own particular rules and regulations that govern the conditions, ranges, time limits, distances, targets and the type of pistols / rifles and ammunition that are to be used. Competitions are conducted at Club, State and National levels. Air rifle shooting

Disabled Athletes 

Shooting is a sport in which athletes with a disability often participate alongside their able bodied counterparts. The Melbourne International Shooting Club has facilities which cater for athletes with a disability. Wheelchair access is available to the club room and to all shooting ranges.