Renovations Update

The finishing touches to the clubhouse renovations have taken a bit longer than anticipated, however we are pleased to advise members that the new facility went live in time for the Club Open on May 19th.  A huge effort primarily by Kim & Val saw all items transferred across to the new area on Friday 18th.  Whilst there will be some on-going minor changes to the area to make the area truly functional, we are really pleased that the finished area is up & running & the resumption of full services to members can proceed in earnest. Once again we thank our members for their patience during the past few months whilst construction has been in progress, and also a huge thank you to our canteen staff who have continued to provide services to members under trying circumstances.


To shoot at the Melbourne International Shooting Club (MISC) there are a number of formalities that need to be completed. While the process may seem daunting at first it is a relatively simple process and the club will guide you through the various steps.


The first step is to join the club. In order to do this you can lodge an application which will be considered at the next committee meeting. Once your membership is approved you will receive a membership pack in the post and you will be contacted by the club to arrange a time for your induction sessions. When you have completed these sessions, you may apply for a target pistol licence and then purchase a target pistol.


Joining the club 

MISC membership is subject to the rules and policies of the club. All memberships are subject to Committee approval. The following is the steps involved in joining the club.

If you decide to join and the application is accepted by the committee, you will be booked on the next Orientation Day & Safety course's held at the club.
All questions regarding membership will be answered on the Wednesday evening.

Membership Fees and Costs

There are no daily range fees as these are covered by your membership fee. Costs for targets and ammunition for 50 shots start from around $2 for air pistol; $5 for .22 cal and $15 for .38 cal. Handguns start at around $800 for a good quality used .22 or .38 handgun, and rifles for around $1000 but you can spend a lot more.

Click here for the membership fees.


Application Process

1. Book appointment to visit the club on a Wednesday evening with the club Secretary or Membership Manager.
2. If membership is accepted lodge application & pay applicable fees with club Manager.
3. New members will be booked into the next available safety course.

Your application will be considered at the next available committee meeting (held monthly). Membership commences from the date that committee approval has been granted.


You will need to first apply for a provisional licence. You need to hold this licence for a minimum of six months and a maximum of one year during which time you must complete a minimum of 6 approved competition shoots. A pistol cannot be purchased on a provisional licence. You can download the provisional licence application from the link below of from the Victoria Police website.

Provisional Handgun Licence Application Form

As part of a obtaining your provisional licence you must attend a safety course. This can be organised by the club and are usually run on the 1st Sunday of the month from 9am – 4pm.Once you have completed the Safety course, you will receive a safety course certificate, and this certificate must be attached when you need to lodge your application. The club will talk you through the various requirements and the application procedure during your safety course. 


Licensed members transferring from other clubs

Other members transferring from other external clubs are welcome. As a matter of club policy, a letter of introduction from the member's existing club secretary will be required, prior to joining unless introduced by our own members.


Purchasing a handgun

You cannot purchase a handgun on a provisional licence. While on your provisional licence you will be allowed to use the various club pistols to complete your required number of shoots and to familiarise yourself with different types of pistols. When you have acquired your full licence the club will assist you with advice on purchasing your first handgun. 

Once being a fully liciensed member. You are eligible to apply to purchase a handgun.   In your first 6 months of being a Fully licensed member, you are only able to purchase an air pistol or a .22 rimfire pistol. You must fill in a Purchase to Acquire (PTA) form, and it must be signed off by an authorised club representative. For your first pistol there will be an approximate wait of 30 days for your PTA permit from Licencing Regulation Division (LRD). Once obtained, you are able to go to your nominated dealer to purchase your first handgun (air pistol or .22)


As policy and procedures change from time to time for purchasing a handgun, it is suggested that you visit the LRD website at Victoria Police for the latest information.  To get further information on what you can purchase and how, it is best that you contact a Victoria Police representative from LRD on the following phone number 1300 651 645


An LRD representative should be able to answer all your queries in purchasing a handgun. Alternatively, you can contact LRD by emailing them at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Contact Us

Prior to contacting us regarding membership please ensure that you have read the entire membership page. Please note that you can join the club as a rifle member and or a pistol member. If you wish to join as both select the pistol option and mention that you wish to join as a rifle member in addition to being a pistol member.

Contact the club regarding PISTOL membership

Contact the club regarding a RIFLE membership 

Contact Us

You can contact the club regarding membership queries via the Membership page. 

Security Bookings 



120 Todd Road
Fishermans Bend
Vic 3207

Telephone  03 9646 3976
Fax 03 9646 9953



People interested in participating in a joining session submit your request via the form located on the bottom of the membership page.

Those who have decided already to join please contact "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."

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Range Hire


Range Hire

The club's facilities can be hired to organisations for the following:

  • Shooting coaching camps
  • Security guard training

Our facilities provide shooting capability from 7 metres to 50 metres for various types of pistol and rifle shooting.

If you are a representative of a security firm or a coach, please click here to send a request for your range bookings, or to contact us for more information.

The Club

Melbourne International Shooting Club is located at 120 Todd Road, Fisherman's Bend, Victoria between the Go-Cart Track and GMH Gate 7.

Melbourne International Shooting Club (MISC) was formed in 1955. Members were not only challenged by this new sport but by some interesting and different terrains, including the Brunswick Refuse Site. Since that time the club has grown and eventually moved to its present site at Fisherman's Bend in the late 1970's.

MISC has been at the forefront of developing Target Shooting as a safe, family orientated sport with members attaining State, National and International success. Further embracing these ideals, a partnership was formed with Essendon Rifle Club in mid 1996 to expand and diversify club activities with numerous members attaining state, national and international success.
MISC is an approved international standard shooting complex and is affiliated with international and national sporting associations and governing bodies. MISC provides a unique opportunity for sports people and families to participate in Olympic and International target pistol and smallbore rifle disciplines. It was the venue of choice for the 2005 Deaflympics & Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Shooting Events.

The club's location is just 4km from the Melbourne CBD making it readily accessible to shooters from all districts. The club boasts modern state-of-the-art shooting facilities, with ample off-road car parking.